5 Things That Russian Girls Like In Men

It’s no longer a secret, that Russian women’s preferences are unusual. Due to the cultural differences it is sometimes hard to understand what Russian women like in men. This blogpost will introduce you to the basics before you start making a court to a Russian girl, so please make sure you fit this pattern.


  1. Don’t split bills on a date 

We – Eastern Europeans – simply don’t understand this idea of “emancipation”. If you go out for a date with an Eastern European, never expect her to take out her purse after you have finished your drinks or dinner. If you have shared the bill, you will certainly never hear from her again.

    2. Give her loads of compliments 

In Russian culture men constantly smother their ladies with compliments. And it’s non-stop. If you have told once your Eastern European woman that she’s ‘beautiful’, it doesn’t mean that she’s sure that you consider her being beautiful. To make her feel secure you should regularly repeat your words. Make sure, you say ‘you’re so beautiful’ at least 3 times per day.

    3. Be masculine 

The majority of Russian girls dislike camp type men. We have been brought up with the idea that “a man should be a little bit more handsome than a monkey”. So, a male that will be expressing his interest in fashion trends or dressed like a “hipster” will not have a chance to get Russian girls’ heart. A Russian girl also expects her man to be a handy man around the house, so if you don’t know how to fix stuff, you will have to learn it first.

   4. Don’t swear 

In Russian culture swearing is a way to express your emotions only in front of men. If a man swearers in front of his woman it means that he has no manners and if she doesn’t care about it, then she probably doesn’t have them as well. In case if when a man has accidentally sworn in the presence of women he will certainly “excuse his French”, so please bare it mind.

    5. Buy some flowers 

Back in the Mortherland, women are often treated as saints, so there is a custom to treat women with flowers without any “celebration reason” occasionally. Let’s say, buy her flowers once a month and she will be satisfied with you, but please don’t forget that the number of flowers should be ODD. Even amount of flowers is only appropriate on funerals.

  They say the way to a mans heart is through his belly. The way to a Russian girl’s heart is through following Motherlands’ fundamental traditions!

If you are an English man (or any other non-Russian man) and you are gonna follow all those tips from above – your so-called “target” will be even more surprised than you think, because most of the Russian women expect Englishmen to be a bit “dumb” when it comes to winning a girl. She will certainly fall in love with you and tell about this “miracle Englishman” to all her girlfriends.

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8 thoughts on “5 Things That Russian Girls Like In Men

  1. Jeez!! Seems a lot of hard-work…call her beautiful at least three times everyday? Ermmm, I’m a romantic, but even that seems overboard…lol…we get the message though! 😀

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