7 Reasons Englishmen Should Love Russian Women

In the Western world people tend to follow stereotypes about Russian women. Usually, it has to do with considering Russian girls as “ladies of easy virtue”. In fact, Russian women are incredibly unique creatures and let me explain why.


In todays blogpost, I will break the conventional representation on Russian women and highlight their exclusiveness. Not in vain, a famous Russian poet Nekrasov have once said, “Russian women will enter a burning house, and will stop a stampeding horse.”

Let me prove it:

1. They are strong 

Russian women never give up. They have incredibly strong willpower, courage and patience. Russian woman will always find a solution to a problem and walk away feeling proud.

Also, they are adapted to the extreme weather conditions. They will carry on with their daily routine, regardless the fact that it’s minus 40 degrees outside.

2. Excellent cooking skills

There’s no better cook than a loving Russian woman. Nevertheless, she won’t probably cook for you, if she doesn’t consider you being her future husband. Russian (delicious) cuisine takes a long time to prepare, so if she does cook for you, this means she is serious about you.

Although, if you are going out with a Russian girl, don’t expect her to cook only Russian meals. Russian women love challenges, so they will cook whatever you are asking for. There’s nothing more important than to feed up and satisfy her beloved mans belly to a Russian lady.

Therefore, you will probably never see a Russian woman ordering a take-away food. For her it’s even shameful. It’s very important to known that everything has been made with her hands.

3. They look very feminine 

It’s hard to find a Russian woman wearing vintage jeans, trainers and having a short haircut. Russian women follow old traditions. They believe that being woman is to be everything that represent femininity.

So, if your girlfriend is Russian, don’t worry about her appearance in public. She will definitely look a 100% her best (unless she has bad taste!).

4.  Perfect housekeepers

Russian woman will always be stressing to keep the house clean and neat. Living with a Russian means to be constantly following her house rules. She will certainly get angry with a man who enters the house and does not take his shoes off.

If you will be sharing a living space with the Russian, your house is going to be clinical. You probably won’t find a speck of dust on the cabinet or a strand of hair in the bathroom.

5. They are caring 

Russian woman are very attentive of the well-being of their man. Very often, in Russia women treat their husbands as kids. They will persistently give you lectures about the harm of drinking alcohol, smoking or eating fast food. They might also count how many bottles of beers you had during the week and how much money you spent on cigarettes per month.

Dating a Russian girl means to stay healthy and strong, but at the same time being under supervision 24/7.

6. They are independent 

Every Russian woman needs her personal space. It means, that during the week she will ask for some time to be alone. Just think, she needs to make her nails done, wear face masks to stay young and beautiful and to watch her favourite TV shows.

Despite the fact, that Russians spend a lot of time to keep the house in a brilliant condition and cook delicious meals, they are also thinking about their career. She will raise the kids and look after her husband, but at the same time excel at work.

7. Their accent

Maybe some people find the accent annoying, but the majority of the English men will find it extremely seductive and charming. The Russian accent is in the list of the world’s sexiest accents.

Are you capable to do this? Check Russian women swimming in frozen lake during the christening:

“Only Russian woman can make a manicure and after that go to the field to dig potatoes!” – Popular Wisdom

Recently, I came across with the fact that if you search “russian women” in Google and head to the images, the majority of pictures will be with an erotic implication. Therefore, after spending some time in UK, I realised that if I ever mention the fact that “I’m Russian”, men generally have only two reactions on this information. They either feel extremely happy to hear it, because I’m other potential harlot to get hooked with, or they just get frightened due to the current political situation and the Western mass media representations.

According to that, I prefer to say I’m Estonian not to get judged, regardless of my origin. There’s a time to get rid of the stereotypes about Russian women. She shouldn’t be seen as an easy access to sex in the society. I believe, that a Russian female is an icon of “a proper woman”. She should be treated the way she deserves it and not being abused by the Western world.

11 thoughts on “7 Reasons Englishmen Should Love Russian Women

  1. “I prefer to say I’m Estonian”

    -Sure, Estonian women aren’t associated with any big stereotypes in the West, so that could work for the ignorant, but do you know the language? I hear it’s very hard; it’s not even Indo-European.

      1. Both grammar and alphabet. Estonian is quite sticked to the rules, so to learn the language you will have follow only present and past tenses and the established conjugations. But Russian – the same as English language actually – is far more complex.

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