10 Flattering Compliments For Russian Women

Back in the Motherland, men are very enthusiastic and creative when it comes to complimenting women. It can be said, almost every men has his own “pick-up tactics” to get the attention of a woman. There is one typical Russian phrase used when men are putting too much effort into praising a woman, usually when what was said is no longer the truth. It’s called: “to hang noodles on the woman’s ears”. Russians use “noodles” here to describe something that can stick easily on the women’s ear and then consequently droop because of their weight – and amount.


In today’s blogpost, I’m going to share some Russian men’s secrets when interacting with girls. Here are some of the tricky “noodle” compliments to please a Russian female:

1. “You are the most splendid woman in the whole world!”

When saying that, specifically highlight – the most splendid! So that she will not think that she is “one of them”.

Never-ever dare to say anything about other “pretty” woman. Russian girls have a tendency to trap their men. So, if you will ever come across with the question like, “What kind of woman do it prefer in general?” never challenge to go deep into details and, especially, provide any examples. The best way to get off with the whole skin is to say, “you are my idol!”

2.  “I’m losing my mind when I look at you!”

This is a crucial compliment for every Russian female. To get a reasonable attention from a Russian girl – surprise her with the most common Russian compliment!

3. “Your skin is as soft as a peach!”

If your woman has a delicate skin – go for this one! Anyways, if she is a truly Russian – she must have one, all of them are crazy on the beauty procedures.

4. “You are extremely curious — you have a chance to become a rich woman. Because nothing more than curiosity characterises true genius.” 

Use this one in case if your woman asks too many questions. To reveal a secret, Russian woman are likely to ask thousands questions per day. Simply because they like to keep everything under their control.

5. “Which dragon do I need to kill to deserve such a woman as you?”

Another secret about Russians, is that those women love to be conquered. So try your best to show that you are making an attempt to win her heart, even though if there’s no actual competition around. Russian women love playing games and they follow old traditions!

7. “You cook even better than my mum!” 

Even if she doesn’t, lie to her.

8. “Excuse me, which model agency do you represent?”

It works especially well, if the girl you are addressing this compliment to is quite tall.

9. “You have an aristocratic sideview. I think you should pose for sculptors!”

Say it, even if her nose is far away from the generally accepted Greek profile. At least, it will help to start a conversation.

10. “When you was born to this world, the sky was crying – because it had to bid farewell to the most beautiful angel!”

This one is more of a joke. But definitely, the “Russian” sense of humour will impress her crucially.

Some important rules, when giving a compliment to a Russian: 

  • Be sincere, or, at least, try your best to make such impression;
  • Praise the facts she seems to be very proud of;
  • Always avoid ambiguous expressions; 
  • Personalise and concretise your words;
  • Try not to compare her to the other women;
  • Never include any life lessons! 

These tips are quite useful. Ambiguous expressions are your biggest enemy – a Russian woman will blow up your mind, trying to get you in a trap. If you are not going to concretise your words, eventually she will demand to do so. Just to find out whether your are trying “to hang some noodles on her ears” or not. Comparing her with the other women will lead to the assumption that you are trying to find a replacement. At the end, Russian women usually consider themselves smarter than men, so it’s a bad idea to try to give her some life lessons and tell her off for doing something inappropriate.

“Russian woman loves with her ears, but if she hates you – she hates you wholeheartedly!” – Popular Wisdom

Russians say: “Between love and hatred there is only one step!”

Don’t be afraid to give compliments to her drawbacks – she will appreciate that. If she has a long nose, tell her that it suits her. However, if she snores during the night, just try to ignore it – nothing is worse than a mad Russian lass.

There’s always gonna be some mystery and evident distinctions about them – but at the end of the day, that is what makes a Russian women very special and unique. Russian women are worth to learn new compliments to conquer their – only at the first glance – cold hearts!

The ten compliments that I’m sharing with you in this article are more than enough for men who are getting started with dating Russian women. Remember them, use them and feel free to share your results with me.

But what if you are hungry for more compliments? What if you want to shower her with compliments?

Well, in this case ten won’t be enough. You want more and I give you more.

Just have a look at the infographic that was originally published on this article­ and pick the compliments that you like the most. I’m pretty sure you will find the perfect compliments and eventually the perfect girl.


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