7 Ways To Spot A Russian Man

For a Russian man to be perceived as the alpha male, he needs to follow strict style conduct. The same as Russian women, men also struggle from the brand-obsession disease. Plus, the Russian man’s look has to convey seriousness, protection and sometimes even a threat.

Some typical items worn are:

1. Sunglasses To Look Sporty


2. Boldly Branded T-shirt


3. Enormous Gucci Buckle Belt


4. Jeans To Show The Power


5. Gucci Man-Bag To Full-fill The Look


6. Driving Loafers To Wear With Socks 


7. Moёt To Drink In The Club


Brand shows the power, even if they are fake. The more brand signs you have over your body — the better it highlights your status in the society. The bigger the brand name is —the clearer you present your important personality.

“Over-the-top is better than not enough!” – Russian Popular Wisdom

I have included the Moёt champagne here for a reason. As you have probably noticed, Russians love to party and they also love to party ‘beautifully’. Everything has to be at the top level. Nothing better than a couple bottles of Moёt and a couple of well-known brands will convey the desired look.

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    1. Omg, that’s quite surprising. I could never imagine this happening in Germany.
      About mainstream media, did you mean that Americans believe that their own media is their enemy? Sorry, it just wasn’t very clear.

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