4 Ways To Spot A Russian Woman In Winter

Russians are known for their exclusive fashion taste. This post explores the typical winter styles among Russian females and attempts to explain why these women dress too glamorously and “too  excessive” for the English weather.

Some typical items worn:

1. Fur Pompom Hat 


2. Glamorous Fur Coat 


3. Over The Knee Boots


4. Small Branded Bag


Russian women pursue to look a million dollars and the cold winter time is not a hinder at all. The reason for making such an effort to look ‘so good’ lies is the severe demographic reality of Russia: there are twice as many women as there are men. There’s a popular saying — for every man there are 3 women — meaning it is quite competitive when it comes to finding a man. A Russian women’s fashion sense is essentially equivalent to a peacock’s with his feathers trying to stand out from the crowd to allure the opposite sex.

Fur coats, hats and over the knee boots are the ultimate elements to wear in the cold Russian climate — they keep you warm. Yet at the same time, these glamorous items are meant ‘to get men off their feet’, as commonly believed in Russia. Over the knee boots are perfect to highlight a girl’s long legs, while the fur and branded accessories show the man that he is witnessing ‘a top-norch woman’ that requires a special treatment.

Explore more ways to spot the Russians:

11 thoughts on “4 Ways To Spot A Russian Woman In Winter

  1. Ah, but the young ladies of Sofia, Bulgaria truly are Vogue-worthy fashionable and it is rather difficult if you are a mere mortal to keep up any measure of self-esteem next to these sidewalk strutting models.

  2. I’ve also noticed the bizarre practice of some young Russian women wearing only leggings in the winter while visiting the interior of northern Russia in February of this year. I’ve never seen this in the U.S.

  3. Even without these hints, I think it’s easier for me to detect Russian women. And that’s through their looks and their accent. Russian women are among the world’s most beautiful.

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