The 3 Sacred Rules Of Losing Your Russian Sauna Virginity

Russia – is a place, where traditions are just as significant as in Britain. When it comes to the Russian sauna, not many people are aware that not following the ceremony rules can lead to the severe prosecutions  – you will be probably considered being an alien and set at nought.

There are a lot of things, that should be highlighted about “the Russian Banya” (sauna in Russian). Today, I’ll try to allocate the very paramount ones not to overload your minds.

  1. Be Bollock Naked


As a rule, Russian saunas are gender separated, so don’t worry about facing naked opposite sex humans. Therefore, if your girlfriend is Russian and you happened to be on the “groom test event”, where the father of your girlfriend has invited you to the sauna session – be ready to denude your so-called male dignity. Russian people always visit their beloved sauna naked, unless you are in the public one. There’s no escape witnessing one’s birthday suit!


2. Don’t Resist From Brooms Beatings 


Undress your ass and be prepared to experience the full excitement of this process. I’m telling you, this will help to reveal all the sins of your entire life. Not getting beating by brooms is simply impossible in the Russian sauna. “There’s no point to go in sauna if you don’t have the prepared brooms”, what Russians say.

If you happened to be in the position where you have to dominate this culmination, don’t forget to wear a special sauna hat. This is simply a part of the tradition. Take up all your strength and anger – and let it out on someone’s bump.


    3. Be Ready To Jump Into The Snowdrift 

snownewAnother “banya” ritual is followed by visiting the outside freezing world. Due to the very high sauna temperature and the fact that people stay there for quite a long time, in order to cool down and change the scenery, the Motherland’s residents go for a real adventure. During the breaks between the sauna sessions, they escape outside of their houses and enjoy the very cold and snowy environment in its all seriousness.

Take a big breath and don’t be afraid to cover yourself with the layers of the arctic snow. You will not feel the full coldness of it, as before that the kind Russian will melt your body to the lava temperature!

Check out how the Russians do it:

“The benefit of sauna is that your body gets washed, but not your brains.” – Russian Popular Wisdom

If you would really like to experience or to enhance the Russian culture – visiting the tradition sauna will be the best lesson for you. Banya is the best place to get closer to people. This is a magic environment to make great Russian friends, to become closer to your future father-in-law, to establish good relationship for business purposes or just to feel yourself in the Russian element for some time. Follow this easy tips not to drop a clanger and you are ready to go for this unforgettable adventure!

Good luck and enjoy your nearest banya session!

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