About The Writer

I’m a Russian speaking ambivert from Estonia based in London. I’m an awful drawer, signer, dancer and a big fan of the unhealthy food and grey weather. My guilty pleasure is laughing to tears.

I started this blog after I’ve lived two years in London and began seeing an English ‘lad’ (not together anymore!). I found our cultural dimensions very funny and worth to write about. I want the British to understand that Russians are quite normal people but with their own “weirdnesses”and our cultures are in a way quite alike.

All illustrations on the site are my courtesy!😬

Should you wish to chat, get in touch with me via kristina.sikorskaja@gmail.com or DM me on IG, @ksikorskaja 🙂 

13 thoughts on “About The Writer

  1. I studied Russian when I was at school in the 1970s, a long time before you were born, Kristina. I really enjoyed it, but it’s so long since I spoke it that I’ve forgotten most of what I learned, sadly. Other than that, I worked in Russia in 1990 and I loved the place and the people so much that I thought I had died and gone to Heaven. Some of my Russian friends taught me a wonderful song called ‘Kogda ya pyan’ that you might know, but I could write for literally hours about how much I enjoyed the place and why. I just hope you enjoy your time here half as much as I enjoyed my time in Russia, so ‘bolshoyeh spasseebuh’ for leaving a comment on my site and best wishes to you from Dennis 🙂

    1. Dear Dennis,

      You have put a wide smile on my face while I was reading your comment. I find it very pleasant when foreign people try to speak Russian, even tough it’s extremely hard to pronounce and to keep in mind. I’m very glad that you loved Russian culture, it sounds charming!

      Благодарю, Kristina! xx

  2. Hello! I read your posts and I love the way you write about two contrasting cultures. I laughed sometimes, I smiled at others. It doesn’t seem like English isn’t your first language. Truly amazing. If you don’t mind, I’d love to put up your posts on my blog http://www.thefemmemedia.blogspot.com.

    You get the credit. Please, don’t say no.

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